Erberto Zani


Erberto Zani (Italy, 1978) is a freelance photographer, journalist and photo books designer, based in Basel - Switzerland. Since 1998 he worked as photographer in advertisement sector. Freelance since 2008, most of his works are focused on documentary-humanitarian themes. He cooperates with companies, magazines and No Profit Organizations, for photographs and editorial projects. Available for assignments internationally.


Miners in North Kivu region (Democratic Republic of Congo)

A view of the main road of Rubaya (D.R.Congo)

Soldiers ready to shepherd a convoy of minerals (D.R.Congo)

People collecting coal in Jharkhand (India)

A girl collect coal in Jharkhand (India)

Collecting coal (Jharkhand, India)

Children carry on basket full of coal (Jharkhand, India)

Portrait of a coal miner (Jharkhand, India)

Portrait of a coal miner (Jharkhand, India)

Boat bridges in Allahabad during Maha Kumbh Mela festival (India)

Tents of pilgrims during Maha Kumbh Mela in Allahabad (India)

Pilgrims drink sacred water of Gange, the indian holy river (India)