Enrico Montanari


I was born in Modena in 1990 and my hometown is Maranello. Since I was a child, interest in nature and photography were entrenched in me. This was due mostly to my father who was an amateur photographer and a passionate nature and animals lover.
I bought my first digital reflex when I was 19-years-old, a Nikon D90, with which I could finally go totally into photography’s world. A Nikon D300 followed it, and after the passage to full frame, a Nikon D700 and my current D800.
After about 2 years of experimentations I’ve decided to dedicate myself exclusively to naturalistic photography, in particular to landscapes one, taking advantage of my frequent mountain excursions as an opportunity to make practice.
The aim I set every time I shoot is to represent the emotions I feel during the time passed in touch with Mother Nature, trying to keep the right balance between reality and aroused emotionality.
I wish one day I could conciliate photography, to which I dedicate myself every day, to my studies hoping to succeed in revealing people an essential but always more ignored aspect of our life: the extraordinary Mother Nature’s show.


Misty soul



Incoming autumn




The woods


Golden source

Twins Leaves

False hope


Silence...the Show Has Begun

My best enemy

Dolomites Sandstorm

The mist



The forest

Lowlands Pugliesi