Дроздова Мария


Drozdova Maria Petrovna
Year of birth: 1988 Kharkov
Professional qualification:
2003-2007 Kharkov Art College
2007 - 2013 Kharkov State Academy of Design and Art. Specialization: monumental painting
2013-Christmas Fair in Yermylov center. Kharkov
2013 - Publication in the second edition of the print magazine "Irreversible fullness"
2013 - Gallery "Dziga" Lviv project "Cloud. invisible crystals "curator Volodko Kaufman
2012 - FLY Institute of Contemporary Art, Kiev
2012 - Nominated for six festival of youth projects NON STOP MEDIA project
" Viands of the Earth "

2012- Days of apartment exhibitions "zero budget" project "Sincerity" together with Larissa Stadnik

2012 - Project Home Winery online gallery

2011- Ehxibition "A Garden of Laughing Animals" in frameworks of Festival of Irrelevant Art "Human Factor in Action", Gallery Kosturinskyi lane, Kharkov;
2010- Exhibition in the Library of Polytechnical University;
2009- StreetArt (painting in 76 Lenin Avenue)
2009- Gagarin Fest;
2008- Ehxibition "A Horse needs to be payed for" in fameworks of the festival of Expressive Art "Palate", Kharkov, House of Actors.
2007- Ehxibition "Way Home" in the hall of Repin KCAS #1, Kharkov;
2004- Ehxibition "Own Corner" in the hall of Repin KCAS #1, Kharkov;
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