Doron Oved


The Practise of Photography is my way to connect to the world, communicate with it and connect to myself. The medium enables me to objectify reality and create a new scene or short story through one timeless singular image.
I become the observer that witnesses a given existence whilst creating an alternate world that has no connection to place, time or specific culture. I have a tendency to create an emotional distance through my images, providing room for interpretation and imagination for my viewers.
It is my escapism, a chance to materialize my perception on a ready made reality.

I find it most challenging to create a new physical world from an existing moment through composition, with its natural dynamic, light and energy. My ideal, is to create an image through a camera with minimal corrections or alterations. it is what it is.

My methodology is a daily practice, whether it exists through material form (image making) or in my mind like writing a journal expressing thoughts, feelings, inspiration, fantasy and balance.

My photographic language continuously raises the debate between the border of reality and simulacrum . The question of staged or not.