David Thornell


David Thornell, photographer. Born 1984 in Lidköping, Sweden.

What started out with graffiti art as a young kid, developed into a rarely seen artistic
feeling to create and document art in any form.
David began to document his and others graffiti and the environments around them.
At this time he travelled a lot with his parents whom at the time worked in France.
It was during that time his huge interest to travel and experience other countries were born.
He started to document his travels as well.
A true and brilliant photographic talent was born.
Today, 15 years later, and hundreds of travels later he has placed a majority of cities
all over USA and France beneath his feet.
What makes David’s photographic material so special in his genre is the documentary
feeling and society reflection they transmit to the observer.
It is urban and it is eccentric.
Above all, his photographs show unique moments and you are magnetized.


Miami Beach, Florida, 2011