David Rippin


I am primarily a landscape photographer and my first love is for mountainous places. This is reflected in much of my photographic work. My photographs are not always literal representations of a landscape – I also try to creatively show something of the emotions invoked by these special places.

As well as pure landscape photography, I like to capture people in the landscape, but often these images show individuals as small, distant figures in an attempt to represent the vastness of the natural world. Finally, I am also interested in the flora and fauna of the living world within these landscapes.


osemite Valley, California, USA

Misty mountain ridge, Iceland

Mountain in Cloud

Cloud-filled valleys

The Crib Goch Ridge disappears into the mist

Distant mountain range

Boat alone, Skye

Layers of Mountains

Lifting Clouds

Over the Col du Galibier

The Maligne Range from Jasper, Canada

Pyramid Lake and the Victoria Cross Range

Mount Columbia and the stunning proglacial lake of the Columbia Glacier (Canadian Rockies)

The Icefields Parkway through the haze of wildfire smoke (Canada)