David Lykes Keenan


Wherever I am, much of my life is spent alone in coffee shops. My most trusted companion, a Leica M camera, shares the table with me. I only come fully alive while roaming the city with my companion, hunting.

My first love affair was with an old East German camera, my dates were exciting experiences in a darkroom which my father built in our basement, and my teenage experimentations were with black and white, and then with color film.

I attended Michigan State University and graduated as a computer engineer. My best friend of the time, a Nikomat camera, was all but forgotten while I prospered as a software developer. But now I have returned to photography and live through the lens again.

My relationships are still mostly with the random and anonymous people that I photograph, in black and white, using a small and unobtrusive camera. I love the people whom I reach out to in my photographs. They are my connection to humanity and my creative conundrum.

While living in Austin, Texas, I founded Austin Center for Photography and spent four years building and guiding it through a successful launch. When not photographing, I create photography books of both my own work and of the work of others. FAIR WITNESS is a monograph of my street photography, and IN THE GUTTER is a small look at the art of the book. Currently, I am finishing off LOOK AT ME, a highly personal exploration of desire and regret. Now, I can usually be found in a coffee shop or on the streets of Austin or New York City searching for my next photographic relationship.


FAIR WITNESS: Street Photography for the 21st Century

Dancers By Bus

Flag + Skull

Funeral Home

Alec Soth

Paint Me

Subway Boys

Dazed Shopper




PISS: An Man's Journey Across Europe

26 June, Florence

23 July, Prague

1 August, Prague

12 August, Vienna

15 August, Vienna

16 August, Vienna

21 August, Spittal

5 September, Vukovar

12 September, Ljubljana

13 September, Ljubljana

3 October, Wetzlar

LOOK At Me: A Portrait Series