I'm hoping in time to show a different kind of imagery to the one that Morocco is typically known for, so I don’t gravitate towards obvious historical or landmark sites. I also tend to shoot at locations I know well enough as this allows me to see past the superficial. Using a 4.3 ratio I’m always interested in compositions that use the total surface, very rarely cropping and I work with fixed focal length lenses and prefer to choose the lens of choice. I’m primarily interested in semi abstract landscape form or at least bringing an abstract dimension to wider scenes. For me photography is all about seeing, I’m less inclined to try recreate how I feel within a setting. Instead I’m looking to extract it’s essence and to use the frame as a guide to bring energy to an image.

I have a BA (Hons) in Photographic Studies from Derby College way back which was followed by a career in camerawork and directing for TV. I first came to Morocco in 1993 to begin a documentary on Gnawa music and its traditions. Now I run courses and tours in Morocco covering the abstract urban environment, street, desert and dunes and have this year devoted more time to personal projects.