Hi, thank you for visiting, I am an amateur photographer from Wuppertal, Germany. Most of my pictures I took around an area called "Bergisches Land", which is an area in north-rhine-westphalia. The other photos where taken during my travels all around Europe. I hope you like my pictures :)
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macro: pink bud

mirkwood no.2


wuppertal: schwebebahn

netherlands: texel

bergisch: the wheat

bergisch: monet

wuppertal: die perle an der wupper

bergisch: the tree

bergisch: gold rush

black and white monster: 1900


ghosts: run!

mirkwood no.5

macro: the spider has left the building

ghosts: this is no lemon tree

architecture: Wuppertal - Ohligsmühle

ghosts: walk the line

mirkwood: autumn

mirkwood: rock 'n' wood

the home of wolves no.4

wirkwood no.8

mirkwood no.10

bergisch: Neuland

species: the chimp

architecture: the staircase (analog)

Epephania no.1 (analog)

Theodor-Heuss-Bridge (analog)

mirkwood no.15

Epephania no.2

mirkwood no.16

mirkwood no.18

bergisch: green

mirkwood: summer

mirkwood no.19

mirkwood no.20