Craig Dunstan-McGrail


Sequences and Motion
As an abstract photographer I use a camera to capture images that are not normally identifiable at first glance. One of my goals as an artist is to use objects and places that I run across in my everyday life. A basic convention of photography is that the image should be in the sharpest focus possible. My latest images challenge that convention by being created while the camera is in motion. Called “Sequences and Motion” each sequence consists of 3 to 7 exposures taken in rapid succession. The movements I make while capturing the images are different every time. Not all sequences create usable images, but they all provide unexpected and sometimes exciting results. The colors blend, the individual elements blur to form new shapes, the textures turn into patterns, and the final image becomes something other than what caught my eye initially. The subject matter for most of these images is architectural, but the results suggest landscapes and the female form.


A Burst Of Yellow


The Red Storm Rages

Architectural Study 34

Circles and Shadows


Reclining Figure


EMP Study 16


314 Margaret

The Time That is Left