Cheryl Maeder


I was born in Passaic New Jersey. I began my photography studies while living in Switzerland at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Zurich, where I lived for eight years. I left Switzerland and returned to the United States and opened my studio in San Francisco. For the next 15 years, I worked as a national fine art and advertising photographer shooting campaigns for clients such as Sony, AT&T, Visa, Calvin Klein, Marriott Hotels among others. My photography was the inspiration for the Dove Campaign on Real Women Real Beauty which shifted the way women are viewed in the Media. I began my current body of abstract photography while traveling through the coastal towns of the Costa Brava in Spain. I was inspired by the play of color and light, and I began experimenting, using her photography in a new direction. Part impressionist and part abstractionist. I moved my studio to West Palm Beach eight years ago.
My photography is in the permanent collection of the Frost Museum and exhibited at Louvre, Paris, Boca Museum of Art, and Norton Museum. One of my photographs was selected by Art Miami/Art Southampton to represent Art Southampton 2015 worldwide. I was also selected by the Miami International Airport to have a solo exhibition at the airport in 2015. My photographs are exhibited at major art fairs including Art Miami, Art London, Art Shanghai and Scope Art Fair New York. My photographs are also collected worldwide.


Luna Light, ed. of 10

Luna Sea, ed. of 10

Blue, Moonlight, ed. of 10

Blue, Light, ed. of 10

Blue, ed. of 10

Far & Away IX, ed. of 10

Far & Away X, ed. of 10

Far & Away XI, ed. of 10

Hampton Dunes, ed. of 10

Submerge I, ed. of 10

Submerge II, ed. of 10

Submerge III, ed. of 10

Submerge IV, ed. of 10

Submerge V, ed. of 10

Submerge VII, ed. of 10

Les Copines, Meditation, ed. of 10

Les Copines, Impromptu, ed. of 10

Les Copines, Awakening, ed. of 10

Les Copines, Alive, ed. of 10

Les Copines, Aphrodite, ed. of 10

Les Copines, Ruminate, ed. of 10

Cloud Nine I, ed. of 10

Cloud Nine III, ed. of 10

Cloud Nine V, ed. of 10

Everglades I, ed. of 10

Everglades Trees, ed. of 10

Desert Blues, ed. of 10

Desert Purple Haze, ed. of 10

Desert Plains, ed. of 10

Sea & Sky III, ed. of 10

Sea & Sky V, ed. of 10

Sea & Sky I, ed. of 10

Sea & Sky II, ed. of 10