Carole Suety


The longstanding debate of nature versus culture is at the core of my practice. Through the images I build I attempt to deconstruct western ideologies and myths in order to reveal how they determine our relationship to marriage, family, sexuality or death. However, my starting point is always very personal. The use of traditional objects or crafts perceived as ‘female’ shifts the perspective from the purely anecdotal to a more symbolical dimension. Deeply influenced by surrealist aesthetics, I aim to create pieces that open new fictional spaces where the boundaries between dream and reality are blurred. My series of images often work like a chain of sequences creating a narrative, in which cultural and natural order interlace with one another.


Globe de mariée_1

Globe de mariée_2

Globe de mariée_3

Globe de mariée_4

Globe de mariée_5

Opening scene_1

Opening scene_2