Brenda Tharp


Brenda Tharp has been photographing the natural world and the cultural world for over 30 years. Her colorful, graphic photographs of the world around are in private collections around the country. She has a keen eye for visual design and simple, strong compositions in much of her work. Her sensitive approach allows her to capture the essence of the people she meets when traveling. Brenda approaches each photograph she makes with a sense of awe and wonder, a celebration of what she is seeing. Her striking images have been used in ads, brochures, calendars, books and magazines by a wide range of clients, including: National Geographic Books, British Gas, Chronicle Books, Sierra Club Magazine, Sunset Magazine, Nature Conservancy, Audubon, The National Park Service, and Michelin Travel Publications.

She is represented by Getty Images, and Danita Delimont Stock Photography.

Brenda leads photography tours and workshops internationally, and travels regularly. You can follow Brenda through her blog


New Mexico Shadows

Cub Love

Egret Tree

Spring Dogwood

Mother's Nurturing


Harbor Abstract

Impression of Autumn No. 1

Foggy Laguna

Hot Sun, Cuba

Decor, Cuba

Study of Decay No. 1


Cuban Blue

Dune Patterns

Floral Impression No. 1


Trees in Mist


Quiet Time

Under the Tuscan Clouds

Light and Shadow

Aspens and Clouds

After the Leaves Fall

Moroccan Geometry

Field Impression

Bhutanese Nun

Monastery and Monk

Deer Skull

Flower and Drain Grate

Tired Kitty

Climbing up to Mosque

Tuscan Village No. 1

Under a Stormy Sky

Peeking through