Boris Dumont 1


I’m particularly attracted to landscape or seascape photography with strong atmosphere. But I’m always looking for new horizons and love working on different topics such as nude photography or photo report.

Although I now live in Provence, I don’t want to fall into the shiny colorful postcard cliché. Through my photographs, I don’t necessarily try to show things as they are. Regardless of the subject on which I work, the most important is to share my personal vision of what surrounds us. I always wanted to tell a different story altogether and like to cover it on a long period of time, like a long travel, in order to build my own look on things and make beautiful encounter.

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Zen, Piémanson, Camargue

'Breathe in', Biarritz, France

Zen II, Piémanson, Camargue

Open Space serie (I)

Nyksund, Norway

Blue rain

Moulin de Daudet


Pêche au skrei, Lofoten, Norway

Bromo, Java, Indonesia

Neist Point

Aux quatre vents, Vaucluse

Bikers (I)

Spirit, Body & Mind

Danse avec moi

Plaine du Bromo

Lonesome Cowboy

Sweet Home (I), Hovden, Norway

Sweet Home (II) Hovden, Norway

Caravan Avenue Serie

Caravan Avenue Serie

Caravan Avenue Serie

Caravan Avenue Serie

Desert lines (III) - Namibia

Praia da Ursa

Praia da Ursa (II)

Arche de Dyrholaey