Blazej Marczak


Błażej Marczak (b.1983) is a Polish photographer based in Scotland. His greater emphasis is on portraiture as well as on social landscapes.
In 2012 he graduated with BA in Professional Photography from The University of Abertay, Dundee. Błażej's style is characterized by a distinctive blend of documentary and fine art photography aesthetics. Since his graduation in 2012 Błażej has participated in various projects and collective exhibitions including Quality of everyday life, Sumerhall, Edinburgh; The Annual Open Exhibition of The Society of Scottish Artists, RSA, Edinburgh; The Aberdeen Artists Society Annual Exhibition, Aberdeen Art Gallery; Royal Scottish Academy Open Exhibition, RSA, Edinburgh; SoShowMe, The Printspace, London.

In his ongoing long-term project "The Neighbours" Błażej is using a medium of photography to create a portrait of contemporary and multicultural Scottish society.

From artist statement:

"In today's well connected world anyone regardless the nationality, cultural or religious background can be our neighbour. Historical and modern factors had big influence on how our societies look today. I believe that it is important to have a record of the current processes and also to remember about the past events, which shaped our world. I aim to remind ourselves about the importance of the cultural mosaic we are living in.

Reasons for migrations are different and vary from political ones, economical to those driven by a curiosity. My goal is to show this variety by meeting and photographing people, who moved from their countries of birth and settled down in Scotland. By photographing and interviewing my sitters in their private environment I am trying to show a part of their life and to encourage the viewers to draw their own conclusions.

To highlight that migration, and multicultural societies are not a new occurrence I am researching on communities and individuals, who came to Scotland many years ago. Polish soldiers who stayed here after the Second World War or Jewish families, which settled down in Scotland in nineteen century could be used as a good example. My research proves that these examples are just a part of a much wider and interesting multicultural story of this Northern European nation.
The last ten years brought many changes to the Scottish society, many people from new EU countries settled down here what resulted in Scotland being even more diverse and multicultural. These people and their stories are also integral part of my project.

I see "The Neighbours" manifesting in the form of a book and exhibition accompanied by the stories of people on the photographs "

See gallery for selected works from this series.





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