AudeRrose BrentSqar


Aude Rrose and Brent Sqar create oniric images, revealing the subject as a central figure of the compositions. The middle format they produce are exclusively shot with analogue material via long exposure. The technical constraint allow them to reveal a hidden part of the image. The body mutates into other images, the process of time reveals the fragile and immaterial presence of the figure. Through a surreal “drift” they obsessively seek for the image of disappearance. Birds, ghosts and multiple figures, question the photographic surface inside its temporal continuity, revealing through the physical experience of time, the evanescent character of being.

Capturing figures in metamorphosis
The absence of the persona

Aude Rrose & Brent Sqar, collaborative derive process, using various cameras, pocket kodak 1895, agfabox 1930, lubitel 1980, canon 1990.

‘the man with no persona…is blind to the reality of the world, which for him has merely the value of an amusing or fantastic playground’.

‘blind to the world, hopeless dreamers…spectral Cassandras dreaded for their tactlessness, eternally misunderstood’

Jung, Two Essays p. 197