Atman Victor


His work has been featured in specialised magazines devoted to avant-garde from Spain, Australia and the USA and over a hundred on-line galleries and forums all over the world.

Runner-up in many international photography and digital art contests, the appreciation for the quality of his works is present on the many occasions when his creations have been awarded a prize or honourable mention, as well as when they have been selected in competitions and artistic events in many countries such as Asia Digital Awards 2002 (Fukuoka) SIGGRAPH 2003 (San Diego), Digital Art Salon of Cuba, Toray Digital art awards (Tokio) , International Art and Photo contest (Japan), Pixxelpoint Festival (Slovenia) and so on.

His digital work was included in the “International Contemporary Artists" art book, volume IV. 2012. New York.

Recent group exhibition at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art. New York City. 28th May-6th June 2013.

MUSÉE Magazine. Featured photographic work. Issue “Energy” Vol. I. October 2013. New York.