Annemarie Spilker


Annemarie Spilker attended The Photography Academy in Amsterdam where she graduated Cum Laude in 2003, with the series self-portraits "Searching to fill the emptiness..."

Her photography focuses on penetrating self-portraits with an uncomfortable and confronting atmosphere, in which she searched for the hidden places in her own personality. Her landscapes appear almost unreal due to the unprecedented silence and timelessness. Since collage, Annemarie has worked mainly with a medium format Hasselblad, the reason most of her images are square. Sometimes she works with antique medium format cameras from around 1930-1940.

The work of Annemarie is part of art-collections all over the world.


Silent Sea

Silent Sea

Desert Tree

Lonely Tree

Snow Tree


Chain Bridge Budapest

Tamnay en Bazois Station



Tree in the dunes

Crates in the snow

Italian Gardens, London

Bulb crates in the snow

3 Trees in the snow

Trees in the snow

Tree in the snow