Anne Tapler White


Born in Troy, New York and now resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Her artistic career began with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, majoring in Printmaking, but she has worked in a variety of mediums. Anne's West Africa project entitled "Red Earth in Black and White" will continue in 2019 traveling from Accra to Cape Town documenting the everyday life of the African people. She has exhibited internationally and is a Black and White Magazine Single Image award winner in 2014 and 2016, also receiving a 2015 Portfolio Spotlight award for her West Africa series. Her entries in ND AWARDS 2014 and 2015 received honorable mention. The photograph entitled "Juliet" was awarded Honorable Mention in the Professional section People category of the 2017 Monochrome Awards. A selection of photos from Accra to Senegal received a Portfolio Spotlight Award in Black and White Magazine and will appear in the April 2019 issue.


A Goodbye Look, Sippo Island, Senegal

Afternoon Games, St Louis, Senegal

Arithmetic on the Wall, St Louis, Senegal

Braiding Her Hair, Bureh Village, Sierra Leone

Bureh Village Classroom, Sierra Leone

Can You See Me, N'Doulo, Senegal

Clean Sweep, Cape Skirring, Senegal

Come Play with Us, Kathmandu, Nepal

Masked Dancer, Lo Mantang, Nepal

Daniels Family, Makeni, Sierra Leone

Grandmother with Child, Chrang, Nepal

In Grief, Kathmandu, Nepal

Juliet, Freetown Sierra Leone

Lining Up for School, Kambama Village, Sierra Leone

Afternoon Rain, Makeni, Sierra Leone

Kaiaf Health Center, Kaiaf, Gambia

Mending the Nets, Cape Coast, Ghana

Morning Coffee, Cape Skirring, Senegal

Once His House, Bundamati, Nepal

Sheltered from the Rain, Makeni, Sierra Leone

The Punishment, Near Elmina, Ghana

The Thirst for Water, Lo Mantang, Nepal

Trust Nobody, Bamako, Mali

Two Salutes Bamako, Mali

Village Bakery, N'Doul, Senegal

Welcome to Timba, Timba Guinea

When Will it be Over, Lo Mantang, Nepal

Woman at the Ghats, Kathmandu, Nepal

Woman with the Polka Dot Dress, St Louis, Senegal

Woman Vendor, Sumbuya, Sierra Leone

Before School, Kambama Village, Sierra Leone

School Class, Kintampo Falls, Kintampo, Ghana

School Girl, Kintampo Falls, Kintampo, Ghana

Daniel's Mother, Makeni, Sierra Leone

Presbyterian church, Kumasi, Ghana

Presbyterian church, Kumasi, Ghana