Anette Mossbacher


The love for photography and nature has taken me to places I've always dreamed about. Africa, Asia, Australia, the Arctic, Europe...etc. Not to mention my current home, Swissyland (Switzerland), with its stunning Alps & glaciers.

Living in Africa brought me a great deal of time in the African bush, where I ended up face to face with African wildlife on more than one occasion, experiencing “real” life in the wild. The opportunity then arose to live in Asia for a time, where I became addicted to spicy, “the hotter, the better”, food!

I journey alone through Africa in a 4×4 Jeep, which affords me the opportunity to visit very remote places in the vastness of this continent. My nature and wildlife photographs have been published in magazines, calendars and the like. I have also been a featured nature photographer in magazines, blogs and on photography websites, such as PhotoShelter, SAM - Slovak Art Magazine, Profi Foto… etc. My nature, wildlife and landscape photography is represented by The PhotoCloser.


African wildlife photograph of a Giraffe drinking at a waterhole near the edge of the Etosha salt pan. Africa's wildlife in their natural world.

African Wildlife Photography, two African elephants drinking at a waterhole. Black and white fine art photography in Africa. Landscape Photography in Etosha National Park.

African lion photograph in black and white fine art. The African lion standing in the wind at the edge of the Etosha salt pan in Namibia waiting for his mate to come along.e wind at the edge of the Etosha salt pan in Namibia.

African Landscape Photography, long exposure photography of cape of good hope in South Africa. The African natural world of Africa.

Big iceberg floating in the middle of the Arctic Atlantic ocean close by 82 degrees. North of Svalbard, Norway.

Landscape photography in Brittany, France. Lighthouse off shore in Brittany. Long exposure, fine art photograph from Brittany in France.

Polar Bear black and white fine art photograph. The polar bear walking graceful along the flat rocky shoreline. The arctic wildlife in their natural environment in Svalbard, Norway.

Polar bear photograph, Ursus Maritimus, sleeping under full moon high above the arctic sea on a big rock. Arctic wildlife photography in the vastness of the arctic nature of Svalbard, Norway.

Polar bear, Thalarctos Maritimus, the arctic wildlife in their natural environment, standing on a rock in the cliffs. Arctic wildlife photography in the vastness of the arctic nature of Svalbard, Norway.

African Nature Photography, the uniqueness of Quiver trees, growing like nature wants, the branches nearly straight up to the sky. Nature and landscape photography in Africa.

Wild arctic, unique colorful ice shape like the nature formed it over many years in a glacier. Arctic landscape photography, arctic nature

Arctic landscape photography, at night mountains tips get the last light of the setting arctic sun, moon standing above the mountains in Svalbard, Norway.