Alvin Lim


Alvin Lim has been working as a professional photographer in Singapore for the past six years with a primary focus on commercial work. He has worked on award winning ads and commissioned assignments from government agencies, commercial clients and education institutions in Singapore. Having recently graduated from University of Westminster with a Masters degree (merit award) in Photographic Studies, Alvin Lim has since combined his technical knowledge to create photographic work influenced by photography theory, using it as a form of commentary and outlet for expression. Besides photography, Alvin has experience working in the film and television industry. He has worked on short films that have been showcased at film festivals and most recently produced two television movies for Singapore's broadcaster Mediacorp TV Singapore.


With the dominance of computer technology as a form of communication in developed countries, the keyboard has become a banal, functional component within a commonplace system.

"Keys" is a photographic series that utilises found keyboards to explore the semiosis of signs within this technological vernacular.


"End', from the photographic series "Keys"

"Find it", from the photographic series "Keys"

"Power", from the photographic series "Keys"

"Money", from the photographic series "Keys"

"Home", from the photographic series "Keys"