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I am a visual artist from Romania who turned to painting, photography and mixed media after studying Decorative Art (Metal Art) in Bucharest.
In my photography I go back and forth from being an observer of quiet things to telling a story through self portraits or collage. I look for beauty in unexpected places and often my aim is to capture feelings, atmospheres and explore the infinite potentials of the absence of color, which is why I mostly use black-and-white film.
By choosing analog photography I put my art face to face with the loss of control and the unexpected, as I find that film always makes a small contribution of its own, and it’s a good medium to get lost in when you are both a perfectionist and a lover of flaws.


Eugénie 01

Eugénie 02

Fragmented 01

Fragmented 02


The playground



Fleeting landscape 01

Fleeting landscape 02

Subtle presence