Alessandro Rocchi 1


Hello Alessandro, so, when did find your passion for photography?

Well, I started photography as a young child growing up in Pesaro, a small town in Italy. My parents decided to buy me an automatic film camera and that’s where my passion began…

So you started very young! Where did this take you?

After experimenting with my authentic film camera, I then took it a step further and went onto study photography with the fabulous Italian Photographer, Rossano Ronci. I was then lucky enough to be selected for a masterclass with the well-known Jonas Bendiksen of Agency Magnum and now I collaborate with Offset.

You have come a long way then! Do you have any photographers or artists that inspire you?

I have so many! Okay, my main inspirations are Martin Paar, Chris Killipt, Martin Kollar and Philiph Lorca diCorcia.

Do you have any photographers or artists that inspire you?

I really don't know what influence’s my photographs. I simply look at people and they sometimes give me a reason to take a picture. I love people while they are thinking or working or simply living their life.I find inspiration scanning the street all the time while I’m walking, I focus on interesting moments, expressive faces and situations.