Al Fritz


Al Fritz is a freelance photographer from Severn Township. He is well known for his Naturalistic photos and has become popular amongst cottagers and wildlife enthusiasts. He has a vast following and has gained Worldwide recognition for some of his work. He is always aware of his surroundings and not afraid to try a new subject. His main focus is on Wildlife, but he also does some Street Photography as well as local events. " Let the Magic of Photography open your eyes! " - Al Fritz


Royal Starling... taken at Bird Kingdom, Niagara Falls Ontario fritz Canada Wildlife

Frosty Field ... a frosty farmers field, fritz Canada Landscapes

Orange Flashback ... Street Photography at Classic Car Show, fritz Canada Street

In the Dead of Winter ... Digital Art, fritz Canada Digital Art

Pink is a Colour ... this pink Cone Flower Shines, fritz Canada floral

Sea Gull - You Fly

Four Across The Sky

The Green Machine

Black Shines

Swan of Spring

Color Through B&W

Icy Blue - Niagara Falls

Coming Up For Air