Adam Finkelston


Adam Finkelston is a photographer, publisher, and art educator based in Roeland Park, KS. He has shown his photographs in solo exhibitions in Kansas City, MO as well as juried and group exhibitions throughout the United States. His photographs have been described as, “haunting”, “ethereal” and “worldly”, where, “spirits are a metaphor for knowledge”. Mr. Finkelston is a 2000 graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute, where he received an honorable mention in the graduating senior exhibition. In 2012, he received his MA from the University of Missouri- Kansas City. From 2007 to the present, Mr. Finkelston has taught photography and advanced art classes at the high school level where he has curated numerous public exhibitions of student work, produced acclaimed fashion shows and received numerous grants for technology, special field trips, and projects with his students. Currently, Mr. Finkelston is engaging young people with his, Art & Science On The River, project. He is also the president, publisher and co-editor of the quarterly art magazine, The Hand Magazine: A Magazine For Reproducible Art.


Cell, from Autographon series

Chew, from Autographon series

Cloud, from Autographon series

Cut, from Autographon series

Network, Autographon series

Scratch, Autographon series

Siamese Twins, Autographon series

Spit, Autographon series

Storm, Autographon series

Vision, Autographon series

Natural Light, from Love and Salt series

Nobility, from Love and Salt series

Ophelia, from Love and Salt series

Remembrance, from Love and Salt series

Rest, from Love and Salt series

Vanity, from Love and Salt series

Veil, from Love and Salt series