Abba Richman


I was born in the UK and have been living in Israel since 1967. (I'm still a new immigrant).
I studied Graphic Design and Photography at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.
My waking hours are spent in front of a computer (far too much) photographing for a living (trying to), photographing for pleasure (not enough), teaching photography (love it) and as a volunteer Magen David Adom Medic/Ambulance driver (sorry, no pictures).
There is nothing to be invented in the visual world, it's all there and been photographed a million times.
I don't photograph glorious sunsets, fantastic landscapes, flowers, animals or beautiful things (or people).
I find myself again and again looking at ordinary everyday things, at rubbish, backyards, at the man in the street, looking at things really close up and trying to find beauty in their colour and form. Sometimes I find that beauty, more often I don't. Now and then I am satisfied with what I have photographed, occasionally very satisfied and sometimes well, I just start again and keep on looking.
In my search I constantly thank God for giving me the eyes to see.