Interview with Moises Levy

#1 Please introduce yourself

Hello, I am Moises Levy, architect, photographer and printer; music and art enthusiast as well. I live in Mexico City where I got a college degree in architecture. Nowadays I run an architecture firm.

#2 How did you get interested in photography?

I have always felt an attraction for light, shapes, textures and machines, photography gathers all these elements and has been the perfect media to express my curiosity for beauty and art, it has always allowed me to explore the subjects that captivate me in an intuitive but as well a rational way.


#3 Do you have an artistic/photographic background?

No, I am the first photographer or artist in my family, but art’s world trapped me since my childhood.

#4 Which artist/photographer inspired your art?

I have always felt a bond with minimalist photographers, I love when photography and drawing boundaries fade away, when extreme compositions seem as if they were drawn with carbon or pencil, it is here when my education as an architect influences my photographic work.
Michael Kenna’s scenes seem to be so cared that it looks like if such scenes where placed by him. Alfred Stiegletz’s and Edward Steichen’s platinum palladium prints have such control over light that they seem to be hand painted, I feel the same about their textures.


#5 How much preparation do you put into taking a photograph? Are you planning every step or is it always spontaneous?

In my work I am very careful with the planning and the technical aspects, but afterwards when analyzing the images the creative side takes over and is when I decide about my next photographic sessions regarding subjects and technique. The creative side will always dominate the rest, this makes photography so interesting, you may plan a lot but never lose spontaneity.


#6 What fascinates you in places that you shoot?

I enjoy quiet and lonely places where time becomes irrelevant, I don’t perform well when time is limited, quiet places allow me a close connection with the scene, and time acquires a different dimension.

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#7 Could you please tell us something about your technique and creating process?

My workflow is hybrid, some is digital and some is analogical, certain projects are based on one of these techniques but are always overlapped, I enjoy working with photographic film and my Hasselblad gear, but is a slow process due developing and scanning are time consuming, thus I also use digital Canon gear with manual focusing Carl Zeiss lenses.
On my opinion, printing is meaningful, I’ve been printing my work on platinum palladium, and I’ve being doing some photogravure lately, using positive and digital negatives.

#8 Could you tell our readers how to reach such excellent results in photography?

Photography is a craft that is cultivated in a daily basis, learning how to watch, and being always aware of shapes, lights, and foresee the scenes before they occur, these happens in street photography and also in landscape photography, when visualizing an image foreseeing all the whole environment.
Perseverance is a quality that shall be developed; a good portfolio is gotten through many sessions and years of work.


#9 What do you do in your life besides photography?

I am a passionate of music, drawing and architecture, I like to mix all this and see it as a whole. I am always thinking on which picture I would place on a certain place that I am building, or how different kind of pictures would affect the environment compared to others.


#10 What future plans do you have? What projects would you like to accomplish?

I am planning a trip to Japan, to capture new and fresh scenes. I think there is a lot of interesting material to be captured in little visited places.
Besides I would like to develop a project about night cityscapes, I think night makes urban scenes cleaner.

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16 Responses to “Moises Levy”

  1. Emilio Behar

    i have known moises since our childhood and the process in finding the best angle on his photographs
    has always fascinated me , he has a native , natural eye on composition and a fantastic way on developing his photographs. i’m very proud of knowing such friend.
    my best regards to Moises Levy and your magazine.

  2. Violeta levy

    La obra del fotografo Levy es lo mas bonito que he visto, un orgullo tenerlo de hermano.

  3. Jenny Cohen

    La obra del arquitecto Moisés Levy refleja su sensibilidad para percibir la naturaleza que nos rodea. Soy fan de du obra. A uno lo deja fin palabras..

  4. Jenny Cohen

    Obra que refleja la sensibilidad de Moisés. A través de sus ojos observamos lo maravilloso del mundo que nos rodea. Magnífico!!

  5. Frida Dabbah

    Es un placer poder compartir tan de cerca la excelencia del trabajo de Moisés. Te felicito y te deseo todo el éxito!!

  6. Lilian Levy

    Me encantan tus fotos y todo lo que haces es una inspiración para mi! Eres un ejemplo a seguir

  7. Gad

    I love Moisés levy’s art. I have been following his work 5 years ago, and everything is amazing!

  8. Matt Appelman

    I have been lucky enough to work with Moises in the world of photography and licensing. We have placed him in Walmart, Kohl’s, Target, and almost every major retailer in the US. It was not hard, as his work sells itself! He is a natural genius when it comes to the details of a photography, and we are blessed to have his talent among us.

  9. Flor

    Felicidades al arquitecto, fotógrafo y ser humano maravilloso que con su sensibilidad enriquece y da belleza a este mundo…espero sigas creciendo sin detenerte…..

  10. Lulu Levy

    Las fotos de Moises Levy son las más maravillosas que conozco, contemplarlas es un verdadero placer, gracias Moises por hacer algo tan bello, te felicito por tu gran talento, mucha, muchísima suerte!!!!!

  11. rfotofolio

    Beautiful work. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Kevin Mainprize

    Amazing images….Wow!. Thanks for sharing your passion.

  13. anna

    Picture on the top of the page is superb!

  14. Rafael Marcos

    Dear Moises: Its a privilege to be your friend, you are a great architect, a great photographer but most of all a great great human being.
    I am so happy that G.od put us in the same time line and let me know you.


  15. James Harvie

    Very much like the moody sublime slant to your images

  16. jacksavage12

    Very interesting.

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