Interview with Maciej Duczynski

#1 Please introduce yourself:
My name is Maciej Duczynski, I’m Polish and currently live in Katowice, Poland

#2 How did you start your adventure in photography?
From the time I was sixteen, I’ve always carried a camera in my bag during my travels. For my first trip to the mountains I borrowed a Russian Zenit TTL camera from my friend. I put my heart in those pictures, only to discover upon my return that the shutter was broken… Not a single picture could be salvaged.

#3 Is your education related to photography?
No, by education I’m an electrical engineer, and I work doing technical testing on passenger trains. Photography is “only” my hobby and great passion.

#4 The technique you’re using to create pictures has been masterfully developed. Could you please tell us something about the process you use?
Unfortunately I’m still far from mastery of photography (smiles)! For about the last two years I’ve been closely associated with HDR technique, even though I don’t use it that much – at the moment about 30% of my pictures are done this way. One of the bigger problems in landscape photography is the very limited dynamic range of today’s digital SLR cameras. I manage this problem using either the HDR technique (combining several shots at differing exposure of the same scene) or ND grad filters. In my opinion theory of HDR is good, but real-life results are far from perfect so I use it as a last option – only when I’m using a lens without front thread.

#5 In your portfolio you have pictures from many parts of Europe, but the Scandinavia presented in your photography emanate a very unique climate. How long did it take you to complete such large collection of work?
My very first picture from Norway was made back in August 2005, so about three years ago. Since 2005 I went to Norway four times, for about 7 – 14 days and I took one fourteen day trip to Iceland. I actually was living in Sweden for 3 years so naturally I have a lot of photographs from that country.

#6 Most of your pictures show mountain ranges. What else inspires and fascinates you in photography?
I have to admit that mountain photography is my biggest passion. It’s probably a result of the fact that I used to spend every free moment in the mountains and they are closest to my heart. For me, the ideal combination is landscape where you can find both mountains and water together, hence my affinity for Scandinavia.

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#7 Do you have any hints to help our readers achieve such spectacular results in photography?
Well, like in every other discipline it requires great passion, sacrifice, a lot of work etc etc. Nowadays it is very important to develop oneself in two parallel areas: photography as such, and working with photo editing software. Preserving adequate proportions of each, of course.

#8 I know, that Grand Prize of one of the contests you took part in was publication of a photo album of your work. Could you please give us some details on the content and when we can expect its premier?
The album is entitled ‘The Most beautiful Parts of Scandinavia’ and it should be released in the fall of this year. Unfortunately I cannot give you any more details – I’m still negotiating with the publisher.

#9 Are you working as a pro or are you still treating photography as a hobby?
Photography is just a hobby, unfortunately I cannot commit as much time to it as I’d like to. I haven’t had a camera in my hands since November 2007 (sighs). I hope that really soon I’ll get back on track, meaning three or four trips every year to places that will let me really bury myself in photography for a while.

#10 What equipment do you use?
At the moment it’s Canon EOS 5D with four lenses: Canon 24-70 f 2.8, Canon 100-400 f 4.5-5.6, Canon 15mm Fisheye and Sigma 12-24 f 4.5-5.6.

#11 Are you planning any exhibits in the nearest future?
At the moment my exhibition ‘The Colors of Europe’ is on display thru September 4th in Krakow’s club ‘Pauza’ (‘Pause’), 18 Florianska street. The same exhibition will be held in October in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Celje, Slovenia; then later in January 2009 at ‘Ksiaznica Pomorska’ in Szczecin, Poland. In November this year I’ll present an exhibition of my black and white landscapes at B&B Gallery in Bielsko-Biala.

#12 What are you plans for the future? What kinds of projects would you like to do?
My plans are rather long-term. Next year I’d like to go to New Zealand or Canada. Later this year maybe Sardinia and Corsica. If I have a spare moment I’d love to visit Norway again.

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  1. mac

    Maciej is one of my early photo-idols, I would like to see some new work from him!

  2. jacksavage12

    A very interesting interview. I have been looking at Rajkovic’s work a lot recently and I love it! It has inspired me in my own work for my Photography degree. The photographs are really strong and have a great atmosphere/

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