Interview with Leonardo Fiori

– Please introduce yourself

My name is Leonardo Fiori, I am a fine art photographer, videographer, and designer. My studies, however, began as a self-taught programmer. I recently graduated in Graphic Design and New Media at Accademia Italiana in Florence.

– How did you get interested in photography?

Inspired by the beauty offered by my homeland, I originally developed a strong interest in night and landscape photography. For a short period of time, I focused on astrophotography, documenting space through the skies of my land: the Valley of Garfagnana. I later moved to narrative, cinematic and documentary photography.

– Do you have an artistic/photographic background?

My grandad was a hobbyist photographer. I inherited from him a lot of beautiful vintage analog cameras. The spark for photography as a full-time passion perhaps began the very day I found all of his cameras under an old bed.

– Which artist/photographer inspired your art?

This photographic series has been strongly influenced by Andrei Tarkovsky: his films have changed my conception of cinema, and life. Tarkovsky had a very special relationship with Tuscany, my land. This relationship can be seen a lot in films such as Nostalgia, and his way of looking at this territory has certainly influenced my approach to photography.

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– How much preparation do you put into taking a photograph?

A lot: each photograph is meticulously planned before being taken. I carry out many inspections to get in tune with the place I will have to photograph. Often not by taking pictures, but just by looking.

– Could you please tell us something about your technique and creating process?

My process begins by juxtaposing a moodboard of images on my digital notepad on the iPad. I love using the iPad because it allows me to manage the screen space as if it were paper in a notebook. In this way I do not waste paper, working in a more eco-friendly way. I continue carrying out numerous inspections in the various locations, until I find the one that satisfies me the most. Finally I use my Sony A7S II to take the picture. I often use a 35mm lens, closing the aperture a lot. My dream would be to be able to use an optical bench, but the costs are prohibitive and it is very difficult to take photos with it.

– What do you do in your life besides photography?

I just graduated in Graphic Design and New Media at Accademia Italiana in Florence. Currently I am working on a project for the promotion of my territory called, maintained and created by me and a few other colleagues.

– What future plans do you have? What projects would you like to accomplish?

I wish I could continue to dedicate time to fine-art projects like Radici. I am studying fashion photography and would love to be able to make photography my full time job.


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