Q: How can I change my name?

A: You can change it in your profile (EDIT PROFILE view), in the field: Display name publicly as. See example below, marked as red.


Q: Can I change my main profile image?

A: You can change it by clicking on the list of your pictures (in EDIT PROFILE -> PORTFOLIO view), on every picture you can see a “star” (right next to delete button) – and you can set it as a main image. See example below, marked as red.


Q: I uploaded all my images but I can’t see them on my profile.

A: After uploading all images you need to press SAVE CHANGES button, then all uploaded images will appear in your portfolio. See example below, marked as red.



Q: What is the required file format for images?

A: Required file format is JPG max 940px wide. All images larger then 940px will be scaled to this resolution.


Q: I haven’t received the return email with my password. What should I do?

A: First of all, please check your SPAM box. If the confirmation email is not there, please send us a note to: info@ndmagazine.net – and we’ll set the password for you.