Interview with Adam Burton

#1 Please introduce yourself:
Adam Burton, British, Devon, England.

#2 How did you get interested in photography?
I spent some months backpacking around Australia and New Zealand around 10 years ago. I was so taken aback by many of the beautiful sites that I wanted to show people back home. So I purchased a new compact camera in NZ and began to take more photos. However, I was always dismayed when using a compact camera as I couldn’t seem to accurately capture the places I saw. So after many years of trying to build up my courage I purchased an SLR (in 2000) and began to learn to take pictures properly.

#3 Do you have an artistic/photographic background?
None whatsoever. My background is IT and project management. I have no photographic qualifications.

#4 You seem to be fascinated by landscapes and places that are absolutely wild. What inspire you about these places?
I love nature and the outdoors so it is natural for me to want to photograph the places I do. I especially like wilderness places where the presence of humans is not apparent or is minimal. This is difficult in the UK where much of the landscape has been cultivated. So I spend a lot of time at the coast which can be very rugged, natural and wild.

#5 How much preparation do you put into taking a photograph? Are you planning every step or is it always spontaneous?
It’s a little bit of both. With landscape photography the biggest single factor to capturing a great shot is the weather. You need an understanding of which locations work best in different lighting conditions, and recognize where the sun will rise and set. So you need to understand the places you visit and have to keep an idea on the weather forecast often. Having said that, the best shots are usually captured in completely unpredictable light, so you have to be out there to have a chance of capturing it. I usually have a general idea of the predicted weather, and a rough idea of the location. I plan to arrive in good time before sunrise/sunset and then make the most of whatever I find in the best available lighting.

#6 We can look at your works only in color version, why have you chosen to present them in this form?
I am fascinated by nature. I seek only to capture what I see. Therefore its natural for me to want to capture it how I see it, and that is in colour. For the same reason, I do not digitally manipulate my images. If other people want to do that with their images, that’s fine. But its not for me.

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#7 Could you tell our readers how to reach such excellent results in photography?
The most important single factor is light. You need to be out in very unsociable hours to capture the best light that nature has to offer. At this time of year I am regularly leaving the house at 3am to be on location in time to capture a sunrise. Secondly, concentrate on composition. Try and keep the composition simple but effective, placing interest throughout the frame from front to back. Equipment is low down on the list of priorities, but to be an effective landscape photographer you do need at least one neutral density graduated filter. These filters help you to achieve a correctly exposed image which features both the sky and the land.

#8 Do you work as a professional photographer or do you pursue the art as a hobby?
I have recently made the move to work full-time as a professional photographer.

#9 Can you tell us about the equipment that you use? (digital or traditional)
I am now completely digital. I shoot with a Canon 1DSMk3 and Canon L lenses.

#10 Are you planning to publish any album/book with your works in near future?
My first book ‘The Dorset Coast’ is being published this October, followed by a book of Exmoor National Park the following year.

#11 Is it possible to purchase your prints and, if so, where?
Prints can be purchased directly from my website.

#12 What future plans do you have? What projects would you like to accomplish?
I have traveled to many worldwide locations in recent years, and am now seeking to photograph closer to home. Europe has many beautiful locations, most of which I haven’t yet seen. So I intend to visit the rest of the UK and into Europe over the coming years to further enhance my portfolio.

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